About Lindin:

Lindin is a Christian Radio Station in Iceland. Our goal is to spread the Gospel in Iceland and around the World.  To achieve our goal we:

–  operate a radio station

–  are a voice in icelandic society that brings the message of the Bible

–  offer prayer services

–  introduce and play christian music, icelandic and foreign

–  publish books, DVD´s, videos, podcasts and other types of educational material

–  distribute information about churches and christian organizations

–  initiate and support events that bring the Word of God to the community

–  use modern day technology to reach people, educate them and encourage in Gods Word

–  support the advancement of Christianity in Iceland


We broadcast 24/7 all year round:

The office staff entails 3 individuals. Additionally we have 16 radio programmers that go on air once or twice a week, thus making it possible to air a diverse and uplifting broadcast schedule.


The founders of Lindin:

Michael and Sheila Fitzgerald started Lindin in 1995.  In the years taht followed


Lindin, kristið útvarp │ Krókhálsi 4 │ 110 Reykjavík │ kt. 691194-2729 │ S: 567-1818 │ lindin@lindin.is